Introduction: AVR Target Board

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This for programming AVR chips and specifically the one's i am using are the ATtiny85,  ATtiny2313 and ATMega328P.
This not my original design. At this time i can not locate where i got the files from. When i find them i will include them.    

Step 1: Art Work

I print my art work for the PCB onto acetate, clear plastic paper with a laser printer.
I use photo resist exclusively, Even the best heat transfer process cannot come close to matching the photo resist process.

Step 2: Board

This will work if a external clock is not used. Well you could program in external clock fuses but you can't program out external clock fuses out with out the clock. For that you would need to build a different target board or just use a bread board.

Step 3: AVR Target Files

I used these files without the crystal.

Step 4: Target Files W/ Crystal

If you use these files be careful. They are not finished. The 22pF caps still placed in.