Introduction: A&W Black Cow - Home Edition

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One of my wife and I's guilty pleasure is having a A&W Black Cow! If you haven't ever had or not familiar, basically a black cow is a root beer float.... but blended (like a milkshake but root beer instead of milk).

You can catch us making this recipe any time, summer or winter when some A&W's are closed up around us for the season.



  • A&W Root Beer (Diet is ok)
  • Vanilla Ice Cream

Kitchen Tools

  • Blender
  • Glass
  • Rubber Scraper (Optional but helpful)
  • Straw (Optional)

Step 1: Scoop Up the Ice Cream

First we will want to scoop up our Ice Cream and place it into our blender. No fancy measurements taking place here, scoop your desired amount. For use and our glasses, for one serving will go just a tad over half our blender, for both I'll fill the blender.

Step 2: Pour in the Root Beer

Next we will want to add in the root beer. I personally prefer regular A&W Root Beer, my wife prefers Diet and works just as well. Of course for it to truly taste like a Black Cow from A&W I highly recommend sticking with A&W branded root beer.

How much you pour is based on personal preference. The less you pour the more solid it will be, the more you pour the more 'soupy' it will become. Personally with our blender and how I pack the ice cream I look for it to cover about 1/3rd to 1/2 of the ice cream. (Keep note if your ice cream isn't packed tightly in blender, visually wont need to cover as much ice cream vs if you tightly packed the ice cream)

Step 3: Blend It!!!

Will it blend??? Yes it will! So lets blend it up, depending on your blender you may need to pause and stir the mixture up so you can get a full even blend. Blend it just like you would make a milkshake. Don't be afraid to either add more root beer or more ice cream to get your desired taste and viscosity.

Step 4: Pour Into Glass and ENJOY

Final step is to pour it into a glass, insert a straw and enjoy a well earned snack.

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