A.W.A.C. (All Within a Cube)

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Internet of the Things is a trend happening within the last years. We can say that before 2025, more than 50% of our homes would be connected. So, taking this in advantage, why not make a robot that instead doing all by itself, give orders and connect to all your home appliance? There it comes our little friend A.W.A.C., which literally has All Within A Cube. A.W.A.C. model is inspired in Warframe´s Dethcube. It is connected to your home via Wi-Fi and via Artificial Intelligence can schedule and control everything that is also connected. Also, it is a dockable to any hardware that has the same dock form as the bottom of A.W.A.C. It is equipped with a webcam at the front part, a usb connection at the bottom, 2 magnetic connectors (charge), 5 proximity sensors on each face of the cube, 2 multi-grab arms to help move or take things, 2 propellers for movement, a back speaker and a status led. Let´s put on an example: You begin your day at 6:00 a.m. running at the park, and when you get back home at 7:00 a.m. you prepare coffee and microwave a sandwich you made yesterday. While you are running, A.W.A.C. may also know you haven´t done your chores, so it will begin connecting to your washer and bring the clothes, go to your backyard and connect to your lawnmower, and nearly 7:00 a.m. come back and prepare your breakfast for it to be hot when you arrive. Model made in Tinkercad. Link: https://www.tinkercad.com/things/jQffWUCuT11-copy-of-awac-all-within-a-cube/editv2?sharecode=oiRIZECTqZm070e8ryfpHACmae_EgAIoLjW9gzyLBC0=

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