Introduction: Abraham Lincoln Art

My interpretation of Abraham Lincoln. It's an enjoyable style to complete. Works with any silouttete. Hope you enjoy!

-Acrylic paint
-Modeling clay
-Washi tape

Step 1: Reference Photo/Create Outline

Find a good reference photo. The more specific a reference photo, the better.

Use the modeling clay to create the outline of the face and hair. This is the most important part of making your painting actually look like whom you're painting.

Step 2: Add Amplifying Tape

Use the washi tape to create the outline of the eyes, ears, mouth and nose. Remember, wherever you cover with tape and clay on the canvas will be white, unpainted in the end (don't add too much tape).

Step 3: Tape Out Face, Shoulders and Background

Now to do the fun part of taping out the rest of the canvas. Be mindful that how you tape creates the designs in the final product. For clothing, especially suits, I like to do horizontal and vertical stripes. It adds definition to the clothing and generally comes out nice. The background can be any design, but keep it symmetrical as your aren't trying to get it noticed. It is Background to your main profile. Longer pieces of tape are beneficial, because remember, at the end you'll be pulling up all the tape.

Step 4: Paint and Remove Tape

Time to paint! Choose colors that give you the overall feel you want. I like using a mosaic/collage approach, so I use many different colors in the face. If you want a more realistic result, you can use a more realistic color palette.

Once the paint completely dries, carefully remove the tape. You may find there are some wet paint areas near the tape's edge, be careful that you don't accidently smear your lines or you'll have to go back through with white paint for touch ups.

Once all the tape is removed, you're good to go! Hope your portrait comes out exactly as you want it :)