Introduction: Absolut Vodka Bottle Hookah


This is how I made this Vodka Bottle Hookah.

I had the idea because my old hookah broke down so I needed a new one anyway and it should be something special.

You'll need:

  • an empty vodka bottle
  • two corks (heigth x small diameter x big diameter)
    • 30 x 50 x 55 mm
    • 30 x 55 x 60 mm (you don't have to use exactly these sizes, but for me it worked out pretty well)
  • a glass pipe (length x outer diameter x wall thickness): 350 x 15 x 1,5 mm
    (same as above, this is just the size I used, it doesn't have to be exactly this size)
  • glue (that sticks to glass as well as to cork)
  • fine sand paper
  • a hookah hose
  • a hookah bowl
  • 2 hookah grommets
  • a hookah hose adapter

    (i took the last 4 things from my old hookah, but you can buy them as well in a hookah or tobacco shop)

Step 1: Prepare the Corks Ant the Bottle Cap

At first I glued together the 2 corks with the sides where they have the same diameter. If you get a higher cork in the first place, you won't have to do this.

Then I drew circles on the top and the bottom. On the top it had the glass pipe's diameter. On the bottom it had the vodka bottle cap's outer diameter (I don't know exactly how big this was).

Then i started drilling a hole through both of them. On the first sketch you can get the Dimensions. I used a Swiss army knife, two round files for this purpose. It got pretty messy on my desk.

Afterwards I cut out the top of the bottle's cap and glued it into the bottom hole of the corks, so that there was a thread inside, that fits exactly on the bottle. So you get a gas-proof contact!

I added one more hole on the side of the two corks. You can see this in the second sketch and in one of the other pictures. Its important that the air can flow through the adapter and the upper end of the bottle's cap (which you can also see in sketch no. 2.

Step 2: Prepare the Tube

As you can see, i bought more than one tube, because I didn't know which one had the perfect length. I decided to take the one which is 350 mm long.

The rest of this step is easy: If the ends of the pipes aren't polished yet take one sheet of fine sand paper and polish them. But be careful with the sharp edges of the glass pipes!

(yeah this is my foot you can see there...)

Step 3: Glue Together the Tube, the Corks and the Hose Adapter

So take your glue (that sticks to cork, glass and metal!) and glue the glass pipe into the corks, so that one end will reach about two thirds of the way into the bottle. After that attach the Hose adapter in the hole you drilled on the side of the corks.

Step 4: Smoke!

So last thing to do is fill it up with water, and start smoking! I think it's really nice to watch the smoke bubbling through the water :)

I hope you have as much fun as I've had so far :)

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