Introduction: Abstract Origami Wall Decor

After making my new work setup i noticed that the walls have to much empty space, I really didn't want just a bunch of frames or photos,i wanted something more abstract and covers a bigger space.

This project was perfect for the walls i have, in this instructable i will guide you through the process of making this piece of art.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Materials :

  • Thick paper
  • a sheet of cardboard or Hard recycled paper

Tools :

  • A ruler
  • Cutter
  • Pencil
  • Hot glue gun

It will be better if you chose a color pallet that matches your interior and wall color,

you can find an awesome collection of color pallets Here.

Step 2: Preparation

  1. First of all you have to sketch the shape you want,

this will help you to count how many triangles you want make and to know how many to make from each color.

i used a software called Blender 3D which is used for 3D modeling and sculpting to create my sketch in the form of a 3D render but you can just use simply a pencil and a paper to sketch the main shape.

2. Then you need to cut a squares from each color so each square represents a pyramid,

for example if you have 20 red pyramids in your sketch you need to cut 20 red squares,

i used squares with the dimensions of 15 cm X 15 cm.

Step 3: Folding Your First Pyramid

In the top photo i show how to fold your first pyramid, a good advice i can give you that first you can practice on some normal paper first till you feel comfortable with the process, it took me about 5 tries to get it right.

When you fell comfortable with folding pyramids you can start folding each square you cut out early to form the exact number of pyramids you need to make that project.

Step 4: Connecting 2 Pyramids Together

as you can see in the top photos, you will connect them together by hot gluing the triangular extended parts together.

Don't use a lot of hot glue or it will become to fold.

now you can start to create the pattern you sketched earlier.

Step 5: Make the Hanging Setup

Now you can prepare the piece for hanging, you can make and glue that "M" like shape or any other shape you see that it will support your piece better.

here i used compressed cardboard, but you can use any hard material you want, and used hot glue to glue it to the project.

Step 6: Hanging Your Project

Here you can actually hang the piece with any method you want, i used hot glue to stick it to the wall, you can use screws or any other method you like.

if you will glue it like i did be sure to apply the glue on the support piece you made not the actual pyramids.

Step 7: Finally

I hope that this project was useful for you, i really enjoyed making it.

this is my first instructable ever so if i missed something or you have any questions please feel free to ask me.

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