Introduction: Abstract Wall Art

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My work room needed a new wall art.

@ first i thought about buying a painting, but than i decided to paint one!

An Abstract Wall Art


Step 1: Buy Water Based Paints

I bought a few water based colors.

They idea came from some magazine that i have seen this art in it.

so i decided to go for a free form DIY painting

Step 2: Pencil Marking

Start marking with a pencil the desired shape.

I took a ruler and went for what every came

Step 3: Painting #1

At first i didn't use a duck tape to prevent me from sliding on top of other colors.

But later on i applied it and helped a lot!

Step 4: Painting #2


Step 5: Painting #3

Almost done

Step 6: Colmpleted

This was a fast 4 hours painting

Hope you enjoyed