Introduction: "Abundant Resources" - My Solar Pyrography Art

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This is just another solar wood burn instructable of mine. I've recently found out that wood burn art is called Pyrography. So this is my Solar Pyrography instructable. I called this piece "Abundant Resources".

When I started this hobby on my first instructable about it here and then I couldn't stop making new projects.

I really love nature and what can be used of its free and clean resources. And I also love making useful thing from leftovers.

When I found this wooden board, the first thing that came to my mind is I can make a beautiful Solar Pyrography on it.

So, here is how I made this piece step-by-step. I hope you like it.

Wish you the best. And have fun ,Live free And Read Books on Amazon

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Step 1: Materials and Tools

Materials :

- A piece of wood. ( I found an old piece, but you can buy one from Amazon US , Amazon UK , Amazon CA, Amazon DE , Amazon FR , Amazon ES , Amazon IT or eBay )

- Some papers

- Pencil ( I used 4B pencil for the best results )

Tools :

- Magnifying Glass Lens ( this wider the better ) from Amazon US , Amazon UK , Amazon CA , Amazon DE , Amazon FR , Amazon ES , Amazon IT or eBay , Aliexpress , Banggood

- Sun Glasses ( Very Important for your eyes safety ) from Amazon US , Amazon UK , Amazon CA , Amazon DE , Amazon FR , Amazon ES , Amazon IT or Aliexpress , Banggood

Step 2: Setup and Plans

Before going into solar burn the wood, you need to make a plan for your art.

I simply do it by viewing some photos over the internet to see what I like to make similar.

After you decide the theme of your art start by drawing it into paper.

Try to use your imagination and your free hand. Free your mind and do your best to make the sketch as simple as you can but let it express your idea about the place you are drawing.

Then move your idea from paper into wood using a pencil.

Also don't be afraid to make mistakes or think you are not a great sketcher.

Free hand is beautiful and has internal action and spirit that nothing can compare to.

Remember, you use the Pencil, so you can use the rubber any time before burning your art to erase or modify any thing you want.

Also wood burning is great and adds style to your art.

So don't be afraid.

Pick a painting of your choice. Any thing you like.

I recommend drawing your painting on paper first to get the best picture you like.

You don't need to be a great painter to do this.

Try bold and free lines.

Put your thoughts in this.

Don't be afraid to try.

You can also choose any picture you like . Even you can choose an image from internet , print it and move it on the piece of wood.

You can draw it on wood yourself or copy it using carbon paper.

Since I 've drawn the painting myself I've chosen to move it without carbon paper using only the pencil.

I you make any mistakes don't worry. You can fix them with wood burning on the piece of wood.

Don't use rubber on wood. It would make it look ugly and black.

Feel free to try and have fun.

Step 3: Solar Pyrography Tips

Before starting your work , make sure to put on your dark Sun Glasses.

Staring at the Sun Spot for a long time may hurt your eyes. Even if you only stare to its image.

Using the magnifying glass lens , put the focal point of image of the Sun on the wood while tracking the pencil lines of the drawing you have drawn.

Tips :

-To get the best results, try to make the focal point of the Sun becomes minimum as you can. This minimizes the chance of getting your drawing line become a chain of dots or spots.

-Try to make unified continuous line with the lens.

-Make sure not leave the Sun spot on the wood for long time.

-You will notice that in small fine details , the pencil drawings have made Solar wood burning easy, because it made the lines you want to burn become darker than other parts of the wood.

- Start by burning the drawing from foreground to background.

Step 4: Actual Solar Burn

This is the step you 've been waiting for.

Use your Sun glasses and start to focus the Sun on the wood tracing the pencil drawing.

Remember again that you must NOT be afraid if you make something that doesn't mach your idea about the art you making.

Although you actually BURNING the wood which makes error correction and modification little hard to make , you still can make correction and modification on the real time using small touches.

Go on and trace the sketch.

A little hint here :

Solar wood burning can get a little bit of spots because of the nature of the tool you are using ( Sun Spot ) .

Which means that you can find a straight line you drawn look like a trace of connected Solar Burning dots.

You can avoid this by focusing and adjusting your speed for Lens motion over the wood.

As we stated before, start by burning the drawing from foreground to background.

It took me about four hours to burn the whole painting. Then I burnt the frame.

Thank you for reading my instructable.

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