Introduction: Accent Chair Transformation

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Its amazing how much a chair can change with new upholstery. If you have a chair that´s stained, or you want to change its style, this instructable is for you.

You´ll see it´s not difficult, it´s time consuming but you´ll end with a beautiful piece of furniture that looks brand new. And the supplies, even the tools, are inexpensive.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

An old chair



Measuring tape


Upholstery Stapler



Upholstery tacks

Step 2: Cover the Seat

I disassembled the chair, and added a layer of wadding to the seat .

This is because it´ll be easier to clean up with this layer, with a damp cloth, without risking that the original upholstery stain the new one.

Just staple it to the bottom, then trim the edges with the x-acto knife.

Step 3: Cover With Fabric

Because my fabric has a geommetric pattern, I wanted it to be perfectly centered, so I measured the seat and made a mark at the center.

Then placed the fabric on top and pinned it. Making sure it wasn´t tilted. Finally I turned the seat upside down and stapled the fabric.

Step 4: Neat Corners

I folded the fabric at the corners as shown in the picture. Then I stapled the corners.

Step 5: Cover the Back

I measured and made a mark in the backrest too.

Then pinned the fabric on place and stapled it.

I made some snips in the fabric that is near the legs, and folded it.

Step 6: Finish Covering the Back.

I needed an extra piece of fabric for the back of the backrest. So I measured the area that I needed to cover, then I cut a piece of fabric adding two inches to the measure. I folded those extra inches.

Step 7: Put the Tacks

I measured the width of a tack (8mm). Then with the measuring tape I made marks every 8mm. And nailed them on place. They help attaching the last piece of fabric and look fancy.

Step 8: Assemble the Chair

Finally, now that both pieces have new upholstery, I assembled the chair.

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