Accessing Your Solaredge Data Using Python

Introduction: Accessing Your Solaredge Data Using Python

Because the data of the solaredge transformers aren't stored locally but on the servers of solaredge I wanted to use my data locally, this way I can use the data in my own programs. I will show you how you can request your data on the solaredge website using Python.

Step 1: Needed

For this instructable you only need the solaredge api key, id and your login credentials.

Step 2: Getting Your Api Key and Id

  • Go to solaredge
  • Press login, monitoring
  • Now you see your monitoring dashboard
  • Click the admin button
  • Click on site access
  • There you have to check api access
  • You have to generate a new key (button under api access)
  • Then you have to save
  • Under api access you need the api key and the installation ID
  • Overhere you can also find the manual where you can find many other funtions.

Step 3: Coding

For a complete reference you can look at the manual.

The following Python script will display some usefull data. Just alter the key and the id in the script and run this script on your computer or server.

Step 4: Conclusion

In this short instructable I showed you how you can access your data locally. I hope you liked this instructable. If you didn't please give constructive feedback in the comments.

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    Question 1 year ago on Step 4

    Super helpful. When I looked at your query I noticed the %20 and see that they have a space in the document. Does the command work without the space?

    My account does not appear to have the admin gear. SolarEdge gave me a key and no matter what I try I get 403 Invalid Token. Your code, my code, chrome and firefox all fail. I saw there are 2 kinds of keys user and site. Which key did you create or do both work?


    Reply 1 year ago

    It's some time ago I've written this code but I tested the link and it still results in json.
    Can you put the link in a browser? Or do you only have one number?
    Be sure to replace Installation-ID and API_KEY by yours.