Introduction: Accident Alert System Using GSM, GPS and Accelerometer

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Nowadays many people are died on the road due to accident, the main cause is "delay in rescue". This problem is very big in devloping countries, so I designed this project for saving the human lives.

In this project I am going to show you how to make a gadget that sends the location of the site of incident, In the project GPS module is used to detect the exact location of vehicle. At the time of accident accelerometer detects the heavy shock and Arduino sends the location of the vehicle to the relative or friend, we can send the alert to multiple mobile numbers.

Step 1: Features

  1. Auto Calibration of accelerometer: We can calibrate the Accelerometer by using a switch. We just need to press the calibration switch for 3 seconds, in this way Arduino reads the current value of Accelerometer in X, Y and X direction and calibrate the system.
  2. Error Resolving: it is possible that Arduino detect the accident (due to high acceleration of vehicle), and send the accident alert, that should not be not tolerate, so a switch ("I AM OKAY") is placed on the circuit, when any accident occurred, buzzer beeps for 30 second, after 30 seconds message will be sent, but if someone press the "I AM OKAY" button message will not sent.

Step 2: Parts and Components

  1. Arduino Nano: Arduino Nano is used as microcontroller unit. I used Arduino nano because it is very small in size and doesn't need any external programmer
  2. SIM 800L GSM Module: SIM 800l is GSM module, it is very small in size and we can directly mount on PCB. Operating voltage of SIM800L is 3.7 to 4.2 voltage, so a voltage regulator LM317 is used to give power to GSM module.
  3. NEO 6m GPS Module: GPS module is used to read the values geographical location, accuracy of this sensor is quite good.
  4. Accelerometer: Accelerometer is used to detect the shock, it can seprately detect the shock in X, Y and Z directions. We can use "vibration sensor" instant of accelerometer, but accuracy of vibration sensor is not too good. Accelerometer can detect the vibration in X, Y, Z direction, so it is also an positive point.
  5. LCD: LCD shows the Latitude and Longitude, at the time of accident it shows notifications.
  6. Power Adapter: 12 Volt 2A adapter is used to give power to system.
  7. LM 317
  8. Resistance: 1.1 K 1 PC
  9. Resistance: 330 ohm 2 PCs
  10. Resistance: 470 ohm 1 PC
  11. Preset: 10k 2 PCs
  12. Momentary Switch 2 PCs

Step 3: Circuit

In the project Printed Circuit Board is used, and PCB is designed on Eagle CAD, which is shown on Fig1, Fig2 and Fig3 and Schematic is shown in the Fig4.

Step 4: Working

Arduino Nano is used as controlling unit, it reads the values from accelerometer, when arduino observe any abnormal values, it reads the current location from GPS module, and send it to given mobile no over SMS by using GSM module.

Before sending the SMS arduino activate the buzzer, after 30 seconds of beeping SMS will be sent, but if someone press the "I AM OKAY" button, message will not sent, which helps to prevent unnecessary SMS.

Step 5: Code

Code is given below, just copy and paste.

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