Introduction: Accordion Style Twice Baked Potato Appetizer

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Throughout this Instructable I will show you how to make a sweet baked potato appetizer that will surely impress your friends, guests, or coworkers.

The first thing you're going to need is the curly fry/accordion making machine!

There's many different brands and types of curly fry machines out there the one I used in this Instructable can be found here: Presto Tater Twister Curly Cutter

Things you will need:

Step 1: Positioning Potato

Once you've got all your supplies together you'll want to plug your Presto Tater Twister Curly Cutter in and select and install the proper attachment (it comes with a curly fry attachment and an accordion style attachment). Choose the accordion attachment and clip it onto the machine (super easy to do, instructions with machine).

Inside the machine at the bottom you will see the part that spins. It almost looks like a blender/ninja type blender type thingy. You're going to stab the potato into this propeller looking thing and make sure it's as straight as you can get it.

Now place what should be the only part of the machine that's left, on top of the potato. There should be something (which is apart of the attachment you installed earlier) erecting from the bottom of this part. You're going to stab this part into the top of the potato making sure it's centered as well.

Step 2: Video Demo

Step 3: Olive Oiling EVERYTHING

Spray or drizzle the pan and the potato with olive oil.

I have this really cool Olive Oil Sprayer I use for everything. Picture "Pam", but a re-usable canister you can fill with any oil of your choice.

It's called the "Misto Oil Sprayer". It can be found on Amazon really cheap here: Misto Olive Oil Sprayer

Step 4: Seasoning and Par Cooking

Season the potato with salt and pepper and/or your favorite spices. I like a little garlic and onion powder on my potatoes. Rosemary goes really well too.

I par-cooked the potato in the over at 400 Degrees for about 15 minutes. This is so the potato isn't still raw when the cheese is fully melted. That would be no good!


I stuffed whatever cheese I could find in my freezer/fridge into the slits in the accordion. You can use whatever your favorite cheese is here. I recommend cheddar and provolone but that's just me :)

Step 6: Add Favorite Toppings

Now you can add your favorite toppings. I added some diced tomatoes and some sour cream. Finished it with some parsley for some color contrast and wala! Enjoy.

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