Introduction: Camp Stove

This is my take on the pop can camp stove. You should be able to use almost any liquid fuel, but choose what you put in it carefully, you wouldn't want to put something like gasoline in it. Also it has a removable pot holder that slips over it so that you don't have to make a separate one and carry around. It is thin and when empty can easily be slipped into a pocket to take with you on any camping trip.

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for what you do with this, used properly it should be relatively safe, but as anytime you deal with fire BE CAREFUL.

Step 1: Materials:

You will need these tools:
Razor knife/Exacto knife(any sharp knife could be used)
Awl(or some other sharp pointed object)

You will also need two empty pop cans, I have three in the picture, because I was drinking out of one while i worked(very thirsty work you know).

Step 2: Cut the Bottoms Off

Start by cutting the first ones bottom off right at the part where the label ends and it curves downward.

Now, on the second one your going to want to cut about 3/4 of an inch above the bottom of the label.

Step 3: Now Hammer Out the Round Part

To make it hold the fuel better, use a hammer to flatten down the round part and make it bulge out the other way. Next, on the skinnier bottom use the awl to punch holes around the rim about half an inch apart, and about 10 of them in the center in any manner you want then hammer out the round part. I didn't put my holes in until after i had it bulged out, it should be done before.

Step 4: Put Them Together

Now, you need to set the smaller part inside the bigger one, and force it down, you might want to hold one side down and tap the other side with a hammer. Then use the hammer to tap the edge of the bigger can bottom, against the smaller.

Step 5: Some Finishing Touches

Now take the hammer, and make a dent in the bottom, thats as level as you can get it so that it will sit upright better. Also you may want to make an attached pot holder...just cut the top off of one of the cans you used, right at where it starts to slope inward. Now use either a can opener or a Razor knife to cut the top out. Next, your going to want to force it on top of your stove, i just stepped(not very hard of coarse) on mine, because its hard to get on. Now it probably tore(if it didn't it wont matter) in one spot, but thats ok, it will make it easier to take of and on. now take it off and make a line of holes just below the rim about 3/4 of an inch apart, just below that put more holes in between.

Step 6: Done!

Viola your finished. Now you just need to add fuel. You could use rubbing alcohol, or methylated spirits too, but thats up to you. All you have to do to fuel it is slowly(very slowly) pour your fuel of choice onto the top where the holes are. It will run down into the holes in the center, and what doesn't will run down into the holes at the edge.

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