Introduction: Acrylic 3D Printer Enclosure

A 3D printer enclosure can be useful for a lot of reasons. They can reduce warping in prints by adding thermal stability, they can make it safer for kids, pets and displaying your printer in public, they can also make your printer look a lot nicer.

A simple 5 sided box works great for this but I couldn't find any for cheap online, so I decided to make one. It uses plastic as a frame to keep sheets of acrylic together with double sided foam tape. It's pretty simple and easy to make and can scale for any size 3D printer or for a variety of other applications.

I'm thinking of making some kits and selling them to people who want one. The plastic is cheaper in bulk and I already have the cutting tools. If you're interested, please email me at it would probably be about $65 plus shipping for a Prusa i3 size box.

Step 1: Materials

First, you'll need to measure what size of box you want. Take down the length, width and height measurements. Make sure you can fit a spool of filament as well. For a Prusa i3 24 x 24 x 18" (LxWxH) works well.

To cut the peices you'll need a table saw and a miter saw.

For the acrylic you'll need to cut 5 sheets with a table saw:

2 sheets - Length x Height

2 sheets - Width x Height

1 sheet - Length x Width

For the frame, you'll need some plastic or wood about 3/4" thick and 3/4" wide, you can use a table saw to make it the correct dimensions.

Cut the wood pieces into lengths:

4 pieces - a few inches less than Height

2 pieces - width, mitered at 45 degrees (width will be wider side)

2 pieces - length, mitered at 45 degrees

To keep it all together you'll need some foam tape or rubber tape squares.

Step 2: Assembly

Start with the top piece (Length x Width) put squares of foam tape on all four sides along the edge, like shown in the pictures. Then remove the backing of the tape and put the mitered pieces on. Put a piece of foam tape between the two miters on the corner.

Now with other pieces put foam along three sides, (all but one width or length). Remove the tape and put one of the plastic shafts on each side like shown in the picture above.

You can now stick all of the sides together around the top piece, be sure to align the bottom of the box together so that it sits flat.

You now have an acrylic enclosure for your 3D printer!

You can cut a corner of one of the sheets to make room for wires or filament going out, a pair of diagonal cutters works well, just be careful not to crack the acrylic.