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Introduction: Acrylic Description Sheet With LED

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For the Makerfaire Hannover we needed a holder for the upcoming FabScan Pi Hat (for the FabScan Pi of course) therefore i decided to build one out of enlightened acrylic,... well, because we can :-)

And it's rather easy (or boring, because i always do this kind), so why not.

I just needed some 3mm Acrylic, a dual Mignon battery holder (preferable one which you can switch of) and three ultrabright 3mm LEDs - green, because that was the color which works best for the nametags and therefore i have a bunch of them in the Lab. And a resistor for voltage limiting, e.g. 180 Ohm should be fine.

The acrylic is then laserengraved, marked and cutted and with a little bit of soldering and glueing it was done.

Step 1: Laserengraving and Soldering

After lasercutting the template the three LEDs are inserted in the holes and their legs bend to the next one and soldered together. Make sure of course to have legs with the same length at one side. After this, shorten the legs form the last LED in the row and solder the resistor on one of its legs.

Step 2: Adding the Battery

At the battery housing a stripe of doublesided duct tape is applied and glued on smaller piece of acrylic, which is inserted at the backside and determines the angle. So for a different appereance you can just change the length of it.

The battery pack is the soldered at the legs of the last LED, you have a 50% chance that you do it right without thoughts :-)


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    6 years ago

    Can you show or explain a bit more about how you hooked up the LEDs? Are they all in Parallel or Series?


    Reply 6 years ago

    Sorry for the late answer: 3 in Parallel with a common resistor. Iknow, that's somethign what you shouldn't do , but in that case it was the easiest solution (series requieres a higher voltage than teh 3 mignon cells, and one resistor per led looks ugly (more wires))