Acrylic LED Sign

Introduction: Acrylic LED Sign

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Take your time and have fun! Its way easier then it looks

Step 1: Supplies

1: 1/4” acrylic/ plexiglass (thickness)
2: sharpie
3: dremel
4: dremel pen attachment
5: dremel bit is preference but i used a small carbide ball tip
6: LED strip (the flexible kind, i prefer waterproof because the rubber shield helps protect the LED lights)
7: 3/8” U channel aluminum
8: 1/8” thick aluminum flat extrusion
9: silicone or hot glue
10: painters tape
11: clamps big enough for frame

NOTES: 3/8” U channel fits the LED Flexible strips, because the acrylic is 1/4” you need the 1/8” aluminum flat extrusion for a shim in between the U channel and acrylic.

Step 2: Prep

The acrylic glass will come with a sheet of plastic that protects its surface LEAVE IT ON THE FINISH SIDE OF YOUR ACRYLIC, peal off the back side
Find the image you want to engrave and print it on printer paper.
Once you have your image, tape it to the the side of the acrylic you pealed the plastic off of.
Lay the acrylic down so you have the taped paper side down and protective plastic layer on top of the acrylic.
Now its time to take your sharpie and trace your image you printed up (make sure your tracing looking straight down on the project, other wise can create disproportionate lines)
Once you have your image stenciled onto the protective plastic, go ahead and take the LED strips and tape them along the border of the acrylic (shining into your acrylic) i would recommend painters tape
Now flip the acrylic over so the protective layer is face down and printer paper side is upright.
Peal the printer paper and tape off, and start engraving.
Make sure LEDs are on for engraving for full satisfaction, while you follow the stencil you will see a trail of light follow your dremel bit as you engrave

Step 3: Videos

Step 4:

Step 5: Trimming It Out

Cut the aluminum to 45 degree angles (to sizes needed) just like a picture frame, once you have your trim pieces cut glue the led strip into the trims, then put silicone over the strips, slide the acrylic picture into your trim and clamp until dry 😁

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    Alex in NZ
    Alex in NZ

    2 years ago

    Is that a (capital 'J') Judge? Great interpretation of that which enforces the peace in MC1. Thank you for sharing your work :-)