Introduction: Acrylic Skyrim Clock

In this Instructable I will be explaining the process of making an awesome looking Skyrim Clock for people who like Skyrim or Bethesda games in general. The final product will look like the clock in the image. The size of the clock is 28 centimeters diameter and the width is about 2.5 centimeters.

Step 1: Getting Laser Cutter Files Ready

The first thing you're going to want to do is to get a laser cutting software so you can make the files so you can then laser cut them. Personally, I recommend using TechSoft 2D Design since it's quite easy to use but you have to pay for it. In this pictures you can see how I designed the different pieces in 2D design for my clock, what is in blue is going to be cut and what's in green will be engraved. The colors will depend on how you've programmed your laser cutter so for everyone it will be different.

Step 2: Putting the Numbers

After having laser cut all the pieces you're not gonna see any numbers and that's because they've been engraved and not cut. So what you will have to do is get a piece of white (or any color) wax crayons and rub it on the engraved numbers so the white will get stuck in the small holes from the engraved numbers and then you rub it off with a tissue and you will see the numbers

Step 3: Glueing Everything Together

For this step, you're going to want to get some glue for acrylic (unless you laser cut it in a different material) and you're going to put some glue on the back of the gear and then align it with the hole in the circle and then you let it dry for a long time. Don't put too much glue because then you'll have to re do the process!

Step 4: Adding the Clock Mechanism

This is the easiest and final step. What you have to do is simply get your clock mechanism and get it through the hole, I used 3mm acrylic and since there were 3 pieces of acrylic I used a mechanism that was 1.2 cm long so there was some space for me to put the handles on. Putting the handless on might be a bit difficult depending on the handles. Then put the batteries and look at your amazing clock!