Introduction: Action Figure

This is what your project should look like in the end. I am putting this because I want you to know so you can plan as you follow the steps in order. also here is the link to download the STL files for 3D printing.


3D printer, and PLA filament

Step 1: Action Figure

first you want to 3D print all the parts. you can print them one at a time so you get multiple colors or you can wait until the end and paint them. depending on the kind of paint you use you might what to use clear finger nail polish to stop the paint form coming off.

Step 2: Arms and Body

Next you will want to put the arms in the body then glue the other half of the body on top. by careful not to get glue in the arm joints.

Step 3: Legs

you will glue the leg holder piece to the body then do something kind of like you did with the body and arms to the legs. careful not to get glue in the joints. repeat this step for the other leg.

Step 4: Head

you will then put the back of the head on then glue the front half of the head to the back half. careful not to get glue in the joints.

Step 5: Action Figure

this action figure actually has moving arms and legs along with a turning head. it can also hold accessories and the helmet can come on and off. This is very simple to make all you have to do is 3D print all the pieces and glue them together. Don't put glue in the joints.

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