Introduction: Action Geometry From Trash

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This shows how to use trash-only geometric fabrication to make what I call my "C1" construction, the first construction of Action Geometry, the system I use as the basis to build all things. In the end we make the three C1 constructions which are documented here:

These are the building blocks from which I build the C2 construction, which is the cardboard Platonic Solids. And with those I can build up to C3, which is the three dimensional construction geometry documented here:

The problem with the previously published version of the C1 shape constructions is that you need a compass, and those are annoying to find, and generally cost money. Also the ruler using English units is not ideal. So how to I build up the tools of classical geometry from trash in a way that actually works but doesn't need some capitalist nonsense like a compass or rely on imperialist units? By using the following tools:

  • clear plastic drink lid
  • wood stir stick or other straight object you can write on
  • pen
  • paper
  • my hand, either hand, or someone else's hand

Step 1: Get Basic Unit From Anatomical Measures

I use the length of my ring finger, the third finger over from the thumb, between the middle and pinkie fingers. I mark on the stick what that length is. I could pick any finger of course, but by choosing a body part and sticking with it I can repeatably build technology from this with some consistency internal to my own technical systems.

Step 2: Construct Triangle C1

Follow the images and look up the compass-and-straightedge version I have up here, as well as the trash construction I posted here. I'll be adding more content here as time goes on as well.

Step 3: Construct Square C1

Same as triangle, but compare to this instead of triangle.

Step 4: Construct Pentagon C1

Now I follow the Golden Triangle construction here.

At this point you can cut out, laminate, paste to cardboard, copy, duplicate and spread.