Introduction: ActionCam Mount for Bicycle

I always wanted something more personal for my bike and most of the camera mounts on the market are for Go Pro and mine is an old Sony Action Cam.

So, I decided to make my own, so I took measurements form my bike steam and brought the dimensions to Autodesk Inventor where I did the modeling . I used that software just because it is what I normally use for my professional work but the design is so simple I could have done it using the 3D printer software.

Printed it on a Prusa i3 MK3S, it was fast and pretty cheap for this kind of model.

Step 1: 3D Design

Once I finished the design to fit my bicycle and have the mechanical properties I wanted for it (light, stable, weather proof) I exported it to .stl files into 2 parts (top and bottom).

Step 2: 3D Printed Part (RAW)

Out of the 3d printer, the parts were really accurate in sizes but I wanted to give it a better finish an also, a good coating to match the color of the bike handlebar.

So, I started the sanding process using a grit 400.

Step 3: 2 Sanding + Primer

After the first sanding step, the second one was another sanding this time using a grit 800 and the first coat of primer.

Step 4: 3 Fine Sanding + Primer

The third step was another sanding using a grit 1000 and a second coat of primer.

At this point, the part start having a visual looking.

Step 5: 4 Sanding + Primer

Another sanding this time using a grit 1500 and the last primer coating.

The parts looks better, almost a die injection mold piece.

Step 6: 5 Sanding + Painting

The last sanding step is just to smooth the surface before applying the Matt Black painting.

It turned out to be really close to the handlebar color and almost the same texture as well.

Step 7: Final Product Installed on the Bike!

After the sanding/painting journey, the camera is finally mounted to the bike.

I used a soft rubber/foam inside to protect the bicycle paint and also to put some tension on the pivot pin that holds the 2 parts together. I used a 2.4mm aluminum TIG filler as a pin.

The camera mount is secured by a M3 bolt with a plastic head cap on it.

Now, it is time go outside and capture some images!!

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