Activate Ambient Light in Audi MMI 2G



Introduction: Activate Ambient Light in Audi MMI 2G

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Audi MMI 2G enable ambient light (extended background light) in Audi MMI 2G (Multi Media Interface) in A4, A5, A6, A8 and Q7 cars. This feature gives you control of the footwell backlight intensity.

You don’t need diagnostic tools like VCDS, VAG-COM or VAS to activate this feature. All you need is access the hidden green menu.

Step 1: Use Hidden Green Menu to Enable Additional Features

  1. Turn key into II position and wait for the MMI 2G system to start. You can also use keyless buttons.
  2. Press and hold buttons SETUP and CAR.
  3. After couple of seconds hidden green menu will appear. You can now release the buttons.
  4. Navigate to DIAG SETTINGAPK 0x01, 0x0B, 0x0C.
  5. Scroll, find and enable Interior lighting (extended) on the list.
  6. Scroll down to Accept Changes and confirm.
  7. Navigate to DIAG SETTINGCar Menus Maske.
  8. Scroll, find and enable Ambientebeleuchtung on the list.
  9. Scroll down to Accept Changes and confirm.
  10. Press RETURN button multiple times to exit hidden menu.
  11. Reboot your Audi MMI 2G system using Force reboot procedure for Audi MMI.

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