Introduction: Activity Monitor

In this project we intend to collect data from a person performing certain activities, such as: running, bending, walking, climbing stairs, squats, jogging etc.

Step 1: Activity Monitor

For data collection we use two modules, one for the hand and the second for leg, which are connected via Bluetooth to a central module that will send data using a WIFI connection to a database, following that there will be processed and compared with the aim of long term observation of a person activities.

Step 2: Arhitecture

To determine the movements of hands during activities we use a CMOD S6 FPGA, which connects a module Pmod NAV 9-Axis which monitors movements and the data collected will be sent by Pmod BT2, to the central module PINQ Z1 in real time.

In the two CMOD S6 modules, we will implement a processor that will read data from Pmod NAV and will send Bluetooth to the central module.

Step 3: Acquisition

Then, using Pmod WIFI, we will upload data to the cloud. By the same way, will be acquired data from the module placed on the foot, and will be loaded into the cloud in the same way.Acquisition module will collect data from two or more tags and we will try acquisition of signals regarding some physiological parameters (for example heart rhythm) too.For safety reason before uploading data to the cloud will be saved on an SD card.

Step 4: Programming

We use Xilinx Platform Studio, a software that uses Vhdl/Verilog, implementing a microblaze processor in CmodS6 creating Uart, Spi, and I2c comunication. Next we intend to using program for initialize Bluetooth connections from CmodS6 to Pynq. From there we save data, and upload them with wireless in cloud and there will be taken and analyzed.