Introduction: Adafruit Chocolate Raspberry Pie Cobbler

No reflow oven needed.

Make this hackable open source pudding pie. 

Chocolate pudding, Cool Whip dessert topping, cocoa powder, Raspberry preserves, and a chocolate/vanilla sandwich cookie crust.

This pie has a flavor reminiscent of those fabulous Jell Ring chocolates.

Make your own pie plate.

DISCLAIMER:  I do not think adafruits are sold at Whole Foods, not that I can afford to shop there anyway.

Step 1: In Stock Items...

Grab a bunch of things that may already be in your pantry.

You need two different kinds of cookies, dark chocolate colored and light vanilla cookies.  Mine are the regular creme-filled in the middle sandwich cookies.

Chocolate pudding mix or a light color pudding mix that you can color with the addition of cocoa powder.


Milk to prepare the pudding mix.

To make the custom formed pie plate:




tinfoil, the same stuff you can use to make hats

refrigerator to chill the product

Step 2: Manual 3-D Printing and Modeling

Who needs a 3-D printer when I've got this Thingiverse thing in my head?  Me, me!!!!!

Print out the official Adafruit logo from the internet or just try to sketch it freehand on paper.  I just arbitrarily made it fit to one page.  

A normal pie plate is about 9 inches in diameter, so...

Cut that out to use as a template for your cardboard pieces.

Cut out pieces of cardboard to laminate into the 3 dimensional shape of the adafruit.

Glue all the layers together and weigh down until dry.

I had about 6 or 8 layers, depending on the thickness of your corrugated cardboard.

You can also piece together little pieces of cardboard. and trim to shape.

Use something hard to burnish the edges flat and even.

Do a light papier mache to cover the rough edges.  Not really necessary but hey, my hands were all messy with glue anyway.

I used some newspaper fliers as my paper stock but you can use clean typing paper if you are worried about food contact from the any soluble soy based inks leaching from the newsprint.

Step 3: Production Tray...

Take your adafruit block and cover it with plastic wrap.

Lay it out in the center of your work surface and cover with a large piece of heavy duty tin foil (alilumuniminum for our UK friends)

Gather and press down the foil to conform to the shape of the block.

Repeat with another 3 layers of foil.

Gather up the edges and roll in the excess pressing the formed lip up to the edges of the block.

Remove the shape block and smooth out the molded pie plate.

You will want to round out any inside edges so the pie will release easier if you are flipping it out of the plate later on.

You could try forming with one of those disposable pie tins but it is harder to work the stiffer material into these random shapes.

Step 4: Solder Paste?

Take a batch of maybe 10 or so cookies.

Seal them in a tough plastic bag.

Beat the heck out of them.  I used a meat mallet to crush the cookies.  They were pulverized with the blunt instrument side of the tool. The milled face would have tore the bag apart making a mess. By the way, keep one handy behind the door for those unannounced visitors that won't go away.  

You could also use a food processor but setting up and cleaning that piece of equipment would be a chore.

You can grind up the cookies with the creme filling and all.  Actually, I should have scraped out some of the filling beforehand since it made the crust so sweet.  Your taste may vary.

Depending on how you like the texture of your crust, keep on processing the cookies to a sandy texture. The finer the grind, the better it will form the crust.

Melt about a quarter to a half stick of butter.  This "wets" the cookie crumbs so that they will stick together for your crust.

Mix the cookie crumbs with the melted butter. 

Make a separate batch for each of the two cookie colors.

Press into the pie plate and shape with your fingers or the back of a spoon.

Form the crust up the sides too.

I shaped the adafruit seeds first and then layered over the black cookie crust crumbs to form the complete crust.

You can throw it into the fridge to firm up a bit as you make the pudding filling.

Step 5: Sweet Conductive Layers...

Spread a layer of raspberry preserves or jam.

You need to be careful with the spoon or spatula because the tender crust will stick to the implement and tear up.

You might want to dust with a layer of cookie crust crumbs to encapsulate the jelly layer to keep it from bleeding into the pudding layer.

RTFM on the box to make the pudding.

2 normal cups is about 3/4 of my normal coffee mug.  Add two cups of cold milk to the mix and mix.

I boosted the chocolate content of the pudding by throwing in some cocoa powder. I really wanted to get it a darker color to match the Adafruit black but I think you need the expensive "Special Dark" connoisseur grade chocolate powder.

I just mixed vigorously with a fork for a few minutes.  It might be easier with a whisk but more pudding gets stuck to the tines.

Throw in a big glop of Cool Whip dessert topping.  I don't think it really added much to the stiffness or creaminess of the pudding so you can omit it if you don't have it on hand.  It essentially only boosts up the stabilizer/preservatives in your pudding mix.

Spread the pudding in the pie plate.

Decorate with a few globs of the dessert topping.

Sprinkle with a few magic Neopixels. No, don't do that. Use a 10 microfarad capacitor instead.

Set aside in the refrigerator for an hour or more to set the pudding.

You can also fill the pie with softened ice cream for an ice cream cake.

Step 6: Flip Flops...

After several hours in the big chill machine, you get something like this.

Some Adafruit cookies will still be in your browser cache.

The mass will stabilize allowing flavor electrons to flow more freely.

You can serve it as is or invert it out onto another pie plate.  The bottom crust will be exposed revealing another Adafruit logo.

I dunno, plug your Makey Makey Drawdio fork in here and enjoy?

Best enjoyed with a glass of milk and watching Circuit Playground, Wearable Wednesdays, Show and Tell, Ask an Engineer or something like it.

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