Introduction: Adaptable Lego Phone Case

this cool and functional lego case is not only awesome but also insanely funny

Step 1: Get the Pieces

I have so many legos it was hard to find the right ones. the picture at the top shows the legos you need. the sweet thing about this is you can change the design to fit all phones.

Step 2: Assembly of the Buttons

just follow the steps shown in these pictures

Step 3: Assembly of the Body

measure 2 studs above and below also one extra on either side

Step 4: Assembly of the Body Part 2

put two long bricks on the bottom sides

Step 5: Assembly of the Body Part 3

put five of the divider pieces right where the volume control is on your phone

Step 6: Step 4 of Assembly

start to rim the case with the long pieces and add add1 row of flat pieces on the volume control base

Step 7: Assembly Part 5

attach the second row of legos and install the volume controll buttons and then

the power button

Step 8: Testing

put your phone in and test the power button and the volume control also make sure there is nothing in front of its plug

Step 9: Insertion and Preperation

put in the phone and attach the outside pieces

Step 10: You Are Done!

this is my first ever instructable i hope everybody likes it i worked really hard on it. thanks

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