Adapting a Different Size Linear Actuator

Introduction: Adapting a Different Size Linear Actuator

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This is how I matched a new linear actuator that is shorter than the original and also has a longer stroke than the original linear actuator. The actuator varies the angle of the snow deflector on my Kubota snow blower. I damaged the original actuator when I accidentally rammed the blower into a high and hard snow bank last year.

The video below covers the possible mounting strategies for the new actuator. The idea I ended up using consists of a short piece of aluminum pipe that serves to extend the new (shorter) actuator to reach the mounting brackets and at the same time lets the actuator extend to both limits of travel, without jamming.

The short pipe has a round hole on one end and an elongated hole on the other end. The elongated hole lets the actuator rod move through its full range without jamming. Linear actuators have built-in limit switches that automatically turn the actuator current off when the rod travels to either of the two extremities. If the mechanical mounting system didn't allow the full travel distance in either direction, current would continue to flow through the actuator motor with the real possibility of causing damage to the motor and to the related mechanical system.

The pictures above show the little adapter, the newly installed actuator, and a side by side shot of the old and new linear actuators.

Step 1: The Video Describing the Way I Made the Adapter

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