Introduction: Add Fonts to MS Word

This instructable is designed for the Microsoft Word user who loves to use different fonts while typing. In this instructable I will explain how to add the font you download to the Microsoft Word program.

Please note that other computers do not have the fonts you have downloaded, so it might just be best if you kept your fonts to yourself for self printing purposes.


Step 1: Download Font

We can't add any new fonts without downloading them first can we?

Step 1Go to daFontand choose any font that you wish. Download it, and save it to
C:>Documents and Settings
Step 2 After you save it, open it in the Documents and Settings folder and click File>Extract All. If you do not have this option download an extractor. (You should already have it though). Now that you have extracted it, you have full access to the font now. You can do anything you like with it, but what we want to do is to add it to the Windows Microsoft Word.

How DO I Do That? Next Step of course!

Step 2: Control Panel

Now that you have your font extracted, we can go ahead and add it to Microsoft Word.

Step 1Go to Start>Control Panel>Fonts
***Please note that if you have Windows XP, you might need to find the link in the control panel and say switch to classic view if you cannot find the "Fonts" icon.

Step 2Click this Fonts Icon box and a screen with every font in your computer should come up. (The first picture below)

Step 3Go to File>Install New Font>
A dialog box should come up and when it does go to the area in the box that says "Folders" Click c:/>Documents and Settings> and then your Font should be there.

**if it is not check to make sure you have extracted it and put it in the correct folder you wish to retreive it in.

Step 4Now click the font and it should come up in the "List of Fonts". Click OK, and now it will be in Microsoft Word.

Thanks for taking the time to read this Instructable (if it is one) and have a nice day. kthnx.