Introduction: Add Horsepower and Save Gas With a Performance Filter System

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I'm going to tell you how to add horsepower and save gas with a Performance Filter System.

You never need to replace the air filter again!

This works with Fords, Lincolns, Mercurys, BMWs, Chevrolets, and most others.

Now the average added HP is 7-12 HP, but you may gain more or less depending on your car or truck.

If you want to do this on the cheap, I recommend Spectre Performance Parts.
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If you want to go all the way and pimp your car out, go with K&N parts.
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This is my first Instructable, so go easy. :)

I'm not responsible for any damage you do to your car or to yourself.

Step 1: Measure Your Intake

Most air intakes are 3" but they can range from 1"--6".

Use a ruler, or ask a professional what size your intake is.

Get parts in your intake size.

Step 2: Buy the Parts and Tools

Remember you're only adding 7-12 horsepower, so don't spend all your money.

Here's what you need:

-Multi intake size or direct size cotton media cone filter. (Don't get a steel media filter!!!!)

-Universal-MAF sensor housing, in your intake size, (If needed).

-Square to round-MAF sensor housing-adapter, (only needed with old BMWs).

-Phillips, flathead, and hex screwdrivers. ( You may need more or less tools depending on your vehicle.)

-Microfiber cloth

Step 3: Remove the Old Air Box, Intake, and MAF Sensor Housing

This is harder than it sounds. DON'T RUSH YOURSELF!!!!!

--Start by removing your MAF sensor.
To do this, unplug the cable coming from the MAF.
Unscrew the 2-4 screws on the MAF, lift it out of its housing very carefully!!!!!!!
Then set it on the cloth with the sensor facing up, in a safe place.


--Next remove the MAF housing from the filter box and intake tube.
Do this by unscrewing the 4 screws, attaching the MAF housing to the filter box, then remove it.
Untighten the clamp on the intake tube and slide the tube off the MAF housing.


--Next remove the filter box.
Do this by taking the top off the filter box and lifting out the filter.
There should be some screws on the bottom and/or sides of the filter box,-remove them,
then remove the filter box.

YOU'RE DONE!!!!!!!!!

Step 4: Install the New MAF Sensor Housing

Get the MAF sensor you set aside earlier. GENTLY -put the MAF sensor in the housing. Screw the screws back in.

Re-attach the cable to the MAF.

Next, attach the MAF sensor and housing to the intake tube, and tighten the clamp.

Step 5: Add the New Filter

Simply slide the filter on to the MAF sensor and tighten the clamp. If you bought one of the universal size filters, pull the size rings until you get the right one.

You may need to put an extension tube in between the MAF and the filter, if the filter does not fit where you want it to fit.

In the picture, there's a black tube in between the MAF and the filter, that's because I lost the rubber size ring that makes the filter fit my intake,( you won't need it ).

Step 6: Test This New Monster Out!!!

Double check to make sure that everything is on tight.

Start your car.

If your car is running rough, something went wrong in installation, please go through the steps again or ask me what's wrong.

Please periodically check your filter to make sure its clean, a dirty filter will make you lose horsepower!

To clean your filter, buy a kit and follow the instructions.

Step 7: "Update" -My New Set Up!!!!!

This is my new setup!!!

I've replaced the tubing and the filter with a K&N.