Introduction: Add Serrations to a Pocket Knife

About: Awesome Gear I've designed myself.

After buying this pocket knife I found out it's also sold serrated. Instead of returning it I added the serrations myself. For doing it by hand I think it turned out well. All you need is a dremel tool, or something similar, and some diamond bits. 

Step 1: Mark Out Your Pattern

Start out by marking where the center or each serration will be. Make sure to extend the mark just a little past the bevel of the blade. I did one mark every 1/8".

Step 2: Cut in Guides

These little grooves will serve as guides for the next step. Using a diamond blade I cut into the blade just up to the edge of the bevel. 

Step 3: Shape the Serrations

These diamond bits can be found through Harbor Freight for around $7 a set. Start with the smallest bit. Grind away while holding the knife at a steep angle. Move your way up to the largest bit. While you're doing this check often to make sure your grinding is centered with the guiding groove.

Each groove will eventually disappear. Once you can no longer see them, your guide changes to the shape of the serrations. Gently put pressure towards each tooth until you have a uniform pattern.  

Step 4: Clean Up the Backside

This side has less aggressive channels. During this process burs are forming on the backside. This step is for getting rid of them. Repeat the same process except with just enough grinding to remove them. I used the medium sized bit here.