Add Some Usefull Boards to Arduino 1.8.x

Introduction: Add Some Usefull Boards to Arduino 1.8.x


How to add manually or not some usefull boards on the latest Arduino IDE.

Step 1: Introduction:

A simple way to install manually several boards very usefull on your Arduino 1.8.x IDE like:

- Arduino DUE and its COM port problems (solved)

- ATTiny microcontrollers

- Atmegas 328/328p microcontrollers

- Atmegas 8535/644p/1284p microcontrollers

Step 2: A Tutorial

I advise you to install Arduino DUE board FIRST because I have got some problems to retreive previous installed boards (I don't know why).

Here is the tutorial.

If you have got some troubles with some COM port error use ZADIG to solve the problem (see my previous instructables).

Happy instructable!!!

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