Introduction: Add USB Ports to PCI Card!!!

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Who couldn't use more USB ports?? Seriously.....
Using a PCI USB card and some Pin Headers, I was able to add TWO more ports to my USB card, giving me a total of SEVEN ports!!

Let the fun begin!!!

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Step 1: Parts!!!

1 VIA VT6212L PCI USB card (4 external ports, 1 internal)
You can get one from Amazon for less than $9 (

And you will need one of these part number 274102 $.25 from

Take a close look behind the internal USB port, I wonder what we could do with that.... ;)

Step 2: Trim the Header Pins.

Using a knife, you can just chop off what you need, then pull one of the pins on the corner using a pair of pliers.

Step 3: Solder!

Solder your new pin connector into the holes, and VOILA!!

You will have TWO more ports!

You can also use this on a USB card that only has ONE row of pins, you just will only be able to add ONE Port instead of TWO.