Introduction: Add a Fun Insert to Any Plain Ol' Tee

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Do you love the way the top of a tee shirt fits you but are uncomfortable with the way it fits at the bottom? Then this is the perfect fix for you! In this Instructable I will show you how to add a front insert to any ol' tee you have hangin' around.

Step 1: What You Will Need...

A Tee Shirt

A 1/2 yard of knit for the insert


Chalk Pencil or pins



Sewing machine

Step 2: Cutting the Tee & Insert...

Start by putting on the tee. Lay a ruler across the widest part of your "girls" and find the center of the tee shirt. Mark there with your chalk pencil or a pin. (I like to have the insert fall from here as I find it hides all my least favorite parts of my mid section... if ya know what I mean.) Now fold the tee in half with the front showing.Find your center mark and measure in 2" from the fold, and draw a straight line from where you marked. Do this on both sides. Then from the bottom of the hem cut JUST THE FRONT along the fold line to the line you just drew. Then cut along the line there on both sides. When you open it up the tee you should have a giant "T" up the front of your shirt. Now carefully take out the hem stitching at the bottom of the T for about 2" on both sides.

Now onto the insert... Take the fabric and fold it in half length wise. Measure the long side of your T. Your insert needs to be this long. You want your insert to be skinny at the top and wider at the bottom, say 2 1/2" from the fold at the top to 4" from the fold at the bottom? That should work to start!

Step 3: Onto the Sewing!

Lay the right side of the insert to the right side of the tee shirt as shown in the picture. This is really the only tricky part. It seems weird but once you stitch it, it makes perfect sense. Now stitch the other side as well. Your insert should now be inserted and you should be left with a "key hole" on the front of your tee. Next, at the top of the insert run a wide gathering stitch, starting about 1/8" before the insert to 1/8" past the insert and then gather that section tight. Then with the tee shirt inside out lay the insert piece on top of the key hole and stitch through all the layers. Start about 1/8" before the keyhole, gently sloping from the fold to 1/4" seam allowance across the insert and ending it the way you started on the other side. You are almost there!!! Now finish up the hem.

Step 4: Pressing Makes Perfect!

I find that working with knits you want to have a steamy iron. The key is to press down and steam, not drag and steam. With that said, press the key hole seam towards the top of you garment and the side of the insert seams towards the side seams. Don't for get to press the hem!

Step 5: And TAH DAH!

And you are DONE! No more worries about your mid section. It is well disguised! Hope you have enjoyed this Instructable and have found it worthy of your vote! Thanks for reading!

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