Introduction: Add a Laser Guide to Your Sienci Mill One CNC Router

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An easy addition to your CNC router that makes it really easy to move to your X/Y work location.

Parts list:

  • 2 x 650nm 12mm 5mW mini Laser Line Diode Module (Anywhere from $2.00 to $6.00 each on eBay or Amazon)
  • 2' 2-conductor wire
  • 3-D printed clip-on holders

Step 1: Focus the Line Laser Diodes

Connect each laser diode up to a 4.5v to 5.5v power source. (Be careful and don't look directly into the laser module)

Point the laser at a nearby wall (or a flat white surface) that's a few feet away. Twist the focus ring back and forth until you obtain the sharpest thinest line possible. Lock the focus in place with either some hot glue or a drop of clear fingernail polish.

Step 2: Solder the Wire to To the Laser Modules

Connect the wires to the Laser module in parallel. Red to red and black to black.

Step 3: Print the 3-D Clip-on Holders

Print two clip on holders for the Laser modules.

The same holder is used on both sides of the Z-gantry. The clips are designed to clip onto the 1/4" steel plate. Attach the clips as low as they can go on the Z-gantry on each side.

Step 4: Clip the Laser Diode Into the Holders

Clip the Laser diodes into each side. Carefully route the wire up and clear of the wheel.

Step 5: Align the Laser Crosshairs

With a pointed end mill mounted in the router, move the end mill down to the waste board. Make a mark with a pencil where the end mill point touches the waste board. Connect the Laser up to the power source and twist each Laser until it crosses the mark. You should also be able to see the shadow of the pointed end mill tip in the Laser line when you have it aligned correctly.

Once each Laser line is aligned correctly, then they will remain aligned even when Z height is changed.