Introduction: Add a "chip Tray" to X2 Mini Mill

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This is how I added a plexiglass "chip tray" to the table of my Sieg X2 Mini Mill to help keep chips and oil out of the T-slots which are a pain to clean out.

Step 1: Materials

I had a left over piece of scrap ⅛" plexiglass that I got for 20$ from Home Depot when I needed to replace a window in my Truck.

I used an angle grinder with an abrasive cut off wheel to cut it to size.

And a marker to draw the cut lines.

Then Burr whip to clean the edges and holes up.

Step 2: Cutting

I cleaned out the table slots and wiped down the table really well first.

then I laid the plexiglass on the table and made a mark on each corner to indicate where to cut.
then I used a straight edge and marker to draw the cut lines based on the corner marks.

I then clamped the plexiglass down lightly to a table so that the area I'm cutting out hangs over the edge of the table.

I found that it was really easy to cut thru and keep a straightish line with the cut off wheel. It works cutting in either direction.
I did hold my breath however because I wasn't prepared for the nasty dust that coats everything as you cut the plexiglass.
So wear a mask.

I laid the cut piece in place on the table and made these marks:

I placed my vice on the glass exactly where I usually mount it in the center, and marked the slots where bolts go to hold it down.
I drew a square that's bigger then the slot length and shows the width of the T-slot on both sides of the vice.

I removed the Vice, and placed the angle fixture that I use on the plexiglass, and mark where I need holes to mount it and for the center adjustment.

I put some ⅝ square tubes under the plexiglass and then drilled\milled the holes and slots out with a ⅝ end mill.
I just held the plexiglass down with my hand and slowly drilled out the areas that I marked.

Step 3: It Works!

I used a burr whip to clean up the edges and holes, then peeled off the plastic covers.

Now I just have to slide the T-nuts into the slots, and put the plexiglass down and the mounting bolts just stay there.
I can quickly change from Vice to fixture without having to completely clean out the slots and bolts and threads.

if I keep nuts on the bolts I'm not using, they plug the holes pretty good, and hold down the glass

Also it gives me a surface to write down important numbers and such with a dry erase marker.

Hope this was helpful!
Thanx for reading