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Introduction: Add a Custom Programmer on Arduino IDE

When I decided to look for a programmer, I never imagined that it would have trouble using it with the Arduino IDE ...
But I ... lol
I bought a programmador like this on Ebay.

But things started badly from the beginning ... lol

Step 1: Drivers

It started badly when the programmer connected to pc ...
The windows 7 x64 does not have drivers for it ...
After speaking with the seller he just got me the drivers for windows xp x32 ...
I decided to remove the cap from the programmer to see that used components.
Basically have 2 ic's ...
atmel atmega853L
The PL-2303HX is a type converter FTDI.
After a quick Google search I found which provided the manufacturer's driver for Windows 7 x64 ...
But the problems did not stop there ...

Step 2: Testing Programmer

After my brief happiness had problems in Arduino IDE ...
The arduino can not upload the sketch to the Atmega ...
Even after confirming the port and the type of programmer ...
To test the programmer decided to install AVR Studio ... Detected and that the programmer could set him ...

Step 3: Looking for the Type of Programmer ...

Once the programmer was good and well installed, the problem was in Arduino IDE ...
The programmer who chose the Arduino should not be 100% compatible with my programmer ...
Once the Arduino uses avrdude, I decided to go lina command do some tests ...
To access the command line, write "cmd" in "Run" in the "start".

After some testing, I discovered that the command
"avrdude -pm328p- cstk500v2- Pcom2"
worked very well ...
In other words, my programmer was after all a STK500v2 ...
Now that you know, let's add this to the list of programmer Arduino IDE ...

Step 4: Finally Adding a New Programmer to Arduino IDE

In my case the Arduino IDE this on:
"C: \ Users \ gpsvitor \ SkyDrive \ Arduino \ arduino-1.0.1"
The file with the information programmers this on:
"C: \ Users \ gpsvitor \ SkyDrive \ Arduino \ arduino-1.0.1 \ hardware \ arduino"
What is called "programmers.txt"
This file must be edited to add the informations we discovered ...

inside has ... ISP
avrisp.protocol=stk500v1 mkII
usbasp.protocol=usbasp Programmer
# parallel.delay=200 as ISP

Using one of the examples easily build synthesis for the programmer in question ...
In this case it is added: ISPv2

save before exiting.

Step 5: Testing :)

Confirm the port, and select our new programmer ...
And upload...

If all is well the upload will be a success ...
With these steps it is possible to add any kind of programmer avrdude supported by the arduino ...
Have fun

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    I did every thing like you did and i got this error while uploading

    avrdude: stk500v2_command(): command failed
    avrdude: initialization failed, rc=-1
    Double check connections and try again, or use -F to override
    this check.
    where's the problem ????

    what is the purpose of the programmer? Why can't you just plug the arduino to the usb port on your comp?


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    You can for example write the bootloader on ATMEGA8, 168 or 328. through the ICSP connector of the arduino or download programs to a project outside of the Arduino board such as this ... # C7076B9H5IRW4M5