Introduction: Add a Muzzle Flash to a Nyko Perfect Shot Wii Grip

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This instructable is going to be all about adding a flash to the end of the Nyko Perfect Shot gun grip for Wii remotes.
I like the grip a lot for shooting games like Resident Evil, but to me it lacked the visual accents that a real gun has. Accents like the flash when the gun is shot.
This instructable is pretty simple and easy to follow. I also added a rechargable battery so it doesn't use the Wii remote's battery power, they run out fast enough as it is.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

This instructable doesn't need very many materials.

-1x Slider switch or rocker switch, must be pretty small
-1x small form factor rechargable battery - 3.6 volts
-1x momentary switch - The softer and quieter the better - I think that is the type of switch
-Lots of wire, thin wire
-1x headphone jack and socket
-1x cell phone backlight or white LED

-Philips screwdriver
-Soldering iron
-Wire cutters
-Wire strippers
-Hot glue gun and plenty of glue

Step 2: Take It Apart

You may notice in the picture that the battery is already in the gun, I took the pictures after I finished the gun.

You need to take out all of the screws you can see, there are two hidden on the blue handgrip piece. Take a flat screwdriver or the sort and slide it under the edge to pop it out. the one that covers the screws is on the same side as all of the other screw holes.

Around the trigger it is glued together, you might need to use that flat screwdriver again to pry it apart. Be careful, it is very easy to break.
Carefully remove the orange clasp at the top by pulling the sides away from the gun. It is also quite easy to break.

Step 3: Put It Together

The very crude schematic I included in this step shows how to wire it all up.

Step 4: Put It In

I reccomend putting the pieces in before you connect them all, except for the trigger switch. Put the Wii remote in place with the trigger bar in as well, then find the place to put your switch that activates the LED at the same time the Wii remote's B button is activated. I didn't do this and I should have because the timing is off for my gun.

Use plenty of hot glue for the parts that have pressure applied to them, like the switches and charging socket.

Step 5: Close It Up

Now put the trigger bar in the other half of the gun, you need to because of the spring. put it in at an angle and lower the rest of the trigger bar in place. you may have to hold the trigger bar when you put the other half on.

you need to push the spring against the plastic stopper that it originally pressed against.

Dont forget to snap the orange clasp back in.

Step 6: Use It!

Now put your Wii remote in the gun and use it. Not only does it look cool, but it evens out the weight in the gun as well so it isn't as top-heavy.

If it doesn't work,
-Are there shorts? put some electrical tape or shrink tubing on the connections.
-Is the battery dead? Before you put in a battery, put a 9v batteries' + and - connections to the red (+) and black (-) wires coming off of the battery for about 20 seconds and test it by hooking up an LED.
-Is the battery no good? If you tried the above suggestion, try a different rechargable battery.
-Is the battery good but it still wont work? Test the LEDs and switches, If they work, recheck the wiring.

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