Introduction: Add a Wireless Switch to Medical Suction Machine DeVilbiss. SMA Adaptability

About: SMA Dad creating things to help disabled kids.

This is how i added a remote control switch to turn on and off a medical suction machine remotely. This allows us to put the suction machine in a different location, even another room to reduce the noise and make it easier to operate. My 9 month old Cameron has a terminal Genetic disorder called SMA type 1 and requires constant suctioning. This has been extremely helpful to us.

The items you will need:

Step 1: Step1 Dissassemble Suction Machine

Remove the 4 torx screws from the bottom of the suction machine and pull the top off. Drill a hole big enough for all the relay wires to fit through just below and to the left of the swtich. I put some shrink tubing on the wires to prevent chafing where they enter the suction machine. Put some double sided tape on the back of the relay to attach to the machine. Pull the wires into the suction machine.

Step 2: Step 2: Wiring the 12v Remote Relay.

Start by using a soldering iron to tin the end of the red wire with solder. Attach the +12v Red wire to the circuit board at the spot shown in the picture. (It is your +12v input from the power brick) it is a good idea to zip tie this wire to a hole in the circuit board to prevent any strain on the solder joint.

Step 3: Step 3: Ground and 12v Output From the Wireless Relay.

Locate and strip the 2 wires going to the motor.

connect the white wire (+12v switched output) from the relay to the red wire.

Connect both black ground wires to the black motor wire.

Seal the connections with tape or shrink tubing. I chose to solder the wires together and use shrink tubing but other methods would work.

The Blue wire is the antenna. just run it around the edge of the suction machine. Dont coil it up or connect it to anything.

Step 4: Step 4. Re-assemble.

Reassemble the suction machine being careful not to pinch any wires.. I sprayed some silicone lubricant on the upper moving parts and it seemed to make the machine a little quieter. I also stuffed pieces of foam into open cavities and between plastic contact points to help make it more quiet.

I attached the remote to the end of the suction nozzle with double sided tape and a Zip tie. Works like a champ!