Introduction: Add an External Speaker to Improve Sound Quality

The sound quality from this nice little clock radio was awful!

Everything else about the radio is great, ease of use, phone charging, display, etc.

The cure is to use an external speaker, and the bigger the better.

Step 1: Watch the Video to See How Easy It Is to Fit a Socket

The sound is far better than the original speaker, even using a small ham radio extension speaker designed for voice.

Step 2: ​Remove the Four Screws From the Back

Disconnect the 5v USB micro power lead first.

Step 3: ​Expose the Speaker

Decide the best place for the socket.

Step 4: Drill a Hole for the Headphone Socket

Use a 6mm drill bit.

Step 5: Fit Headphone Socket and Connect Wires

Wire such that the internal speaker is disconnected when the external one is plugged in.

Re-assemble and enjoy the much-improved quality!

Note that the sound quality in the video does not reflect the vast improvement, as videoing was done on a mobile phone.