Add an LED Headlamp to Your Stick Vac!

Introduction: Add an LED Headlamp to Your Stick Vac!

Got a stick vac without a headlamp? We can solve that problem for just a few dollars using items you probably already have.

As most cat owners know, bits of litter and fur scatterred throughout the house is a lot easier to spot when there is a light source low to the ground. This quick fix solves that issue by illuminating the floor from a low angle.

Of course this works best when in the evening when the house is somewhat dark inside.


What you will need:

Step 1: Attach Everything

  • Clean the front of your stick vac with a cotton ball and rubbing alcohol. Let dry.
  • Attach the USB-powered LED light strip to front using the included adhesive strip.
  • Use velcro to attach both the switch and the power bank to the top of the stick vac. (Don't attach them to the back of the stick vac because doing so will impede the ability to lay it flat for cleaning under low objects like furniture).
  • Connect the light strip to the power bank.
  • Use zip ties to secure any loose wiring.

Step 2: You're Done!

Just flip the switch on the led strip and start vaccuuming up that debris!

The power bank should last a long time. When the power runs low, just charge it up.

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