Introduction: Add Led Eyes to Your Packman Gost

I made it at Techshop! On the Shopbot CNC router. Everyone made one in the SBU class. But I put LED eyes in mine. Here's how.

Step 1: Supplies

1. Gost (mine was made from MDF)
2. LED Christmas lights
3. Flat lithium battery
4. Speaker wire
5. Electrical tape

Step 2: Drill Eye Holes

Pull out Leds from christmas light strand and drill holes into the gost so the lights will fit in.
Start a little smaller than the light and increase the size of the drill bit untill the led will fit into the hole without going all the way through.
Cut off the plastic end of the led if you need to.

Step 3: Attach Speaker Wire to LED

Cut the speaker wire to the legnth you need. (to reach where you want the battery)
Strip both ends.
Wrap each of the wires from one end to each of the led wires.
Place the wires of the other end one on each side of the battery, if the led doesn't turn on try switching the wires to the oppisite sides.
When the led turnes on remember which wire was positive (copper?) and which one was negitive (steel?)  I doesn't really matter which is which, only that you remember.

Do the same with the other led.

Step 4: Tape LED

Use electrical tape to tape around the wires on both leds.

Step 5: Put LED in Gost, Attach Battery

Put the wires and the leds through each of the eye holes.
Twist the negitive sides of both led wires together.
Twist the positive sides of both led wires together.
Tape them to the battery. (or you can just tape one side and figure out a way to take the remaining side on and off like a switch)
Tape, glue, or otherwise attach your battery to the back of your gost.

Step 6: Enjoy the Freaky Eyes!

Paint or otherwise decorate your gost.
Hang on the wall, or stand on a table.