Introduction: Add Logo to Video - Brand Your Video for Free

This is a new way of branding online. You have your video and your logo, but now you want to combine them.

This short tutorial will show you how to do it without any software.

The credit goes to which is a free service for short videos.

Step 1: Step 1: Select Input Files

Go to
Select your input files:

- 1 Video file

- 1 Logo file (or watermark) as image file

The files are going to be uploaded and previewed

Step 2: Step 2: View and Adjust

Press "Next", now you can see your Logo overlay on top of your video preview.

The options for now are:

- Drag logo to any location

- Resize logo to any size

- Set opacity as you like

Now you can press "Generate video"

Step 3: Step 3: Wait for Your New Video

Now it depends on the length of your video, you need to wait for a few seconds or more, until you can download your new video...

That's it.Now you have a video ready with your Logo!

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