Add Slim Grip Pads to Your Slippery Cellphone




Introduction: Add Slim Grip Pads to Your Slippery Cellphone

Problem: my cellphone, a Samsung Galaxy Note, had sheer plastic curved sides that were hard to grip properly. I kept worrying that it would slip out of my hand and smash on the ground. (I tried a silicone case, but it was too bulky and made the phone's back too grippy to easily take out of my pocket.)

Solution: I only hold the phone by two points: the sides at the middle. If these had grip, I wouldn't risk dropping my phone and I'd avoid the bulk of a full case.

Step 1: Buy Non-slip Strips

Non-slip rubber strips can be purchased from hardware stores. I got mine from a dollar store, as you can see by the price sticker. 
These ones are 18mm x 300mm in size (0.7in x 11.8in).
These are high-tack rubber grip on one side and have an adhesive backing on the other. They look like nail files/emery boards in this photo, but they're not.

Step 2: Cut a Small Working Section

Here, I cut off a small section to work with. This piece will make BOTH my grip pads. It measures 6mm x 40mm (0.2in x 1.6in).

Step 3: Trim and Finish the Pads

Here I cut the working section [top] in half lengthwise, making two 3mm x 40mm (0.1in x 1.6in) pads [middle].
I then trim all the corners with a box cutter knife [bottom] so that the sharpe edges don't poke my fingers when the pads are attached to the phone.

Step 4: On Phone: Side View

Here you can see the grip pad when applied to the phone's side.
(The stand is a metal bookend that's been bent and covered with light foam padding. I have another Instructable that was featured in Lifehacker that was similar.)

Step 5: On Phone: Three-quarter View

Here's the pad viewed from another angle.
I've increased the contrast in these photos so you can really see it; in normal lighting conditions it blends pretty well with the phone.

Step 6: On Phone: Front View

Here's the front view. It has a fairly low profile, sticking out only a little further than the power button above it.
(The wallpaper is of Kristen Bell.You can download it at 1280x800 resolution here. The red widget is a free Android app I made called InstaCamera which shoots a photo super fast.)

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    6 years ago

    excellent, thanks for the low tech for the high perfect combo & just the solution I was looking for


    6 years ago on Introduction

    I am glad I seen this. I am getting purse that matches my original hard case and wanted to use it, but it is slippery. Now I can use it!!

    great idea ! you're right, most phones are picked up, and held onto by the sides, yet no one pays attention to that. If you have a hard time picking it up and holding it during a talk, duh, it's going to be dropped. Too bad cell phone manufacturers don't put grips all around the sides, oh well . In the meanwhile, I'll use your idea - thanks !