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Introduction: Add T-shirt Bling for No Bucks

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A closet of plain long sleeved t-shirts can easily be updated by gathering the sleeve and adding a temporary placket in a coordinated color. 

Step 1: Materials Required for the Removable Placket

*2 pieces of coordinated fabric, cut approximately 4" x 8".  (I used scrap from another t-shirt)

*2 pieces of interfacing, cut approximately 2" x 8" to stablize the placket.   (I used fabric from a cotton pillowcase)

*2 Buttons - to give the appearance that the placket is permanent

Sewing machine

Step 2: Create the Placket

*Fold together the right sides of the coordinated fabric (icky side is exposed), so it measures 2" x 8.  Place on top of the interfacing.  

*Stitch together the 3 layers of fabric with a 1/4" seam allowence (along 3 sides).  Turn inside out so only the coordinating fabric is exposed.

*Finish the remaining (short) side, by folding under and then topstitch.  Add a button to the end (and allow pest pet to examine it if desired)

Congratulations, you are half finished.  Repeat this step to create another placket.

Step 3: Add the Placket to the Sleeve And/or Shirt Bottom

*Scrunch up the arms of your t-shirt and determine where the placket should be placed.

*Using a large safety pin, pin the placket on the inside of the sleeve and through front of the placket, then back to the inside of the sleeve so you can close the safety pin.  Repeat for the other sleeve. You can also gather the bottom of the t-shirt for a different look.

 Consider swapping out different plackets with different t-shirts for different looks.

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