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Step 1: Adding Whole Numbers (steps 1-2)

Adding whole numbers is easy, though many people don't know why the ending number is more than the the numbers you added.Think of a number line:

Step 2: Adding Whole Numbers (Step 1-2)

On a number line adding goes to the right. 1+1 is like:
1------ +1----= 2.
See, using the number line makes sense.

Step 3: Adding Decimals ( Step 3-4)

Adding decimals is easy. You can use a number line, though it can be confusing. You can also set it up one number over one number .

Step 4: Adding Decimals (step 3-4)

When you add decimals it is good to set it up in this way. You write the numbers one on top of the other. You then check of all the place values are set together a shown in the second add zeros on the decimals If needed needed. Then add:


Step 5: Adding Fractions (step 5-6)

There are many things you need to remember when adding fractions. You have to get a same denominator and equivalent fractions.

Step 6: Adding Fractions (step 5-6)

There are many things you have to do. 1. Get the same denominator. Then convert the old fractions to the new one with the new denominator. Add. Simplify if needed.
1 1
5 3



1 1
— + —. = —+—
3. 5. 15 15

Equivalent fractions:

1/3 = 5/15
1/5= 3/15



5/15+3/15= 8/15

You can't simplify this one.

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    Good job well explained.


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    Srry if hard to understand, the spaces disappeared between the #s