Introduction: Adding Art to Google Classroom

In this tutorial, we will walk through the steps on how to join Ms. Covington's Google Classroom, How to successfully take and add photos to the "Digital Art Show" folder and how to add comments and feedback to other classmates.

Step 1: Type Class Code to Inter Ms. Covington's Google Classroom

Type in this code to enter google classroom. Click the (+) add button in the top right corner of your screen and type in the class code.

Step 2: Click Assignment "Class Critique/ Digital Art Show"

In Ms. Covington's Google classroom, find the assignment that says, "Class critique/ Digital Art Show".

Double click on the assignment to open.

Step 3: Open Digital Art Show

Open assignment that says, "Digital Art Show" by double clicking on the name or image.

Step 4: Open Camera App

Type the word "Camera" in the bottom left search screen of your computer.

Step 5: Double Click Camera App to Open

Double click the Camera App to open

Step 6: Take a Photo of Your Artwork

Hold up your artwork and take a picture by clicking the "camera image" on the camera app. Make sure to hold up your artwork in the center so all of it shows inside the screen and no parts are cut off. It is up to you if you want to show your face or not.

Step 7: Adding Images to Digital Art Show

Go back to google classroom, you should see a document that has a lot of red squares.

Step 8: Adding Images to Digital Art Show

Double click on a square, and click on the "Edit" button.

Step 9: Click the "image" Icon in the Tool Bar

to add an image to this square, find the "image" icon in the far right side of the tool bar and double click.

Step 10: Insert Image From Computer

Click the blue button in the middle of the screen to upload an image from your computer

Step 11: Your Image: Pictures: Camera Roll

Find your image, it should be located under the file: Pictures, and Camera Roll. Double click on your artwork picture and hit the "open" button highlighted in blue to add.

Step 12: Resizing and Cropping Image

It is important to crop and resize your image so it will fit inside the red square.

How to crop an Image: double click on the image. to crop, drag the black lines to desired place on the photo. and hit the "enter" key to save.

To resize Image: click image once, drag corners or sides of image to resize into red square space.

Step 13: Add Name to Artwork

Inside the tool icon, find the "text" button. Made a rectagle inside image and type your name and homeroom teacher inside.

When finished, Click "Save and Close" in the top right screen.

Step 14: Adding Comments and Feedback to Other Classmates

Find a classmates artwork that you wish to leave feedback. Right Click on the image and find the icon that says "Comment".

Type positive and specific feedback to your classmate. It should include more than just "I like it". Tell me why or what parts of the artwork to be more specific.

When you are done typing your feedback, click the blue "comment" button to publish.