Adding Bluetooth to Bose QC 15 Without Soldering

Introduction: Adding Bluetooth to Bose QC 15 Without Soldering

I wanted to add Bluetooth to my headphones recently. Initially I took to the googles to find an official adapter, thinking there would be a discrete adapter that plugs in. There is not. There is an instructable on retrofitting these headphones that uses solder and is probably a better solution (found here However some of us are slackers who just want to get results without taking the time to solder. For those of you who are like me here is a quick and easy way to do it.

Step 1: Gather Parts

Step 2: Locate the Input and Plug in the Cable

Like the name says locate the input. You might need to use a pencil or something to push it in. It won't go in all the way because of the weird setup Bose used, however if you let it drop back slightly it falls perfectly into place.

Step 3: Attach Adapter

Attach the adapter to the aux cable. Pair it to something like an iPod to check the sound. If it sounds good then attach to the unit with the velcro tape. It can go just about anywhere you want, I chose right over the Bose logo.

Step 4: Anchor the Line

This step is optional. Use a small gob of hot glue to hold the aux cable to prevent it from being knocked out. I haven't had an issue with this besides when my wife grabs the cup off of my ear to say something to me. Its fairly stable in place and typically doesn't need to be held in place.

Good luck and Enjoy.

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6 years ago

I did not made it,but find this on ,search QC15 bluetooth,will see it,hope useful for you!


Reply 6 years ago

Wow, If I had known these existed I might not have done it my way.