Introduction: Adding Hard Drive Space to Your Laptop

I'm sure that many of your laptops are full or nearly full and would like an easy way to add more hard drive space to your computer. I used to keep a USB drive at home for backups until recently, when I was forced to transfer over all of my music because my laptop's hard drive was full. This is when I decided to velcro my USB drive to the top of my laptop so I could travel without having to worry about a dangling hard drive.

Step 1: Materials


+USB drive
+Velcro tape with adhesive backing

Step 2: Cut and Affix the Adhesive Strips

1. Cut 2 strips of equal length from both the rough and soft velcro strips.

2. Stick 2 of the strips on the USB drive and the other 2 on the top of the laptop where you want the drive to be located.

(I found that it was best to have the USB drive on the bottom middle of the laptop so that the weight of the drive would not shake the screen. I also chose to affix the rough velcro to the USB drive but this is just personal preference.)

Step 3: Tidy Up the Cord

Once the drive is in place, cut a small section of velcro and stick it near the edge of the laptop in order to clear up the extra cord.

Step 4: Final Product

Now you can travel with your laptop without fiddling around with USB drives.