Introduction: Adding Led Indicator to Old Soldering Iron

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i had old soldering iron laying around
i plugged but there was no indication on ON
so i soldered a led in it

Step 1: Material

A Resistor of value 470k ohm
[yellow,purple, yellow]
A normal led (any colur)
Another soldering iron to solder
A drill or something to make a hole in handle of your iron

Step 2: Connection

Connect resistor to cathode of led and other end of resistor to the terminal of diode (diode is used already in Generic soldering iron as half wave rectifier)

now the other leg of led to 2nd wire of AC input .

Step 3: Circuit Diagram

its the circuit diagram. for easy to understand

Step 4: Housing

Make a hole in handle to place led
so we can see it

Step 5: Pack It Back

its done .
a simple yet important thing