Introduction: Adding Microphone to a Pair of Headphones

Do you have some pair of headphones that you really love how they sound but they have no microphone?

Follow this easy instructable and you will have your favorite headphones ready to use with your cell phone.

Disclaimer: The procedure described here may not work for your headphones or microphone - that is a risk you have to take.

If it doesn't work or if you break something, it is not my fault. I assume you know how to solder. If you don't, please learn before attempting this procedure.


Soldering iron

Soldering tin
Wire cutter

Step 1: Find an Old (but Working) Hands-free Pair of Headphones

Yes, find a pair of hands-free headphones (you will have to sacrifice them, at least the speakers...) with a working plug and a fully working microphone. If you find the hands-free of the same brand as the headphones it will be easier because luckily they will share the colour code of the wires.

Place your headphones on your ears and measure where you will cut the wire of the next step.

Step 2:

Once you have measured the right place to install the microphone, cut the wire with the cutting pliers.

NOTE: this is a no-return point, because the original wire of the headphones will no longer be the same, and the microphone will be placed there, and you will use the plug of the hands-free, instead.

Step 3: Find the Colour Code of the Wires

To open the microphone, just separate both parts of the mini-box-

You will need to understand the colour code of the headphones wiring and from the microphone (hands-free) to respect the +, the - and the Left, Right, and common wires.

Step 4: Soldering the Terminals

Soldering time!
You will need surgeon hands to make this soldering points, because they will be very tiny. Use a magnifier to help you with this step. A sharp tip is your best friend!

Step 5: Verify the Continuity

Test all the wires from the plug, to verify the continuity until the
microphone and to the headphone speakers, if you soldered the wires correctly, you can check the continuity to their correct destinations.

Step 6: Enjoy Your Favorite Headphones With Microphone!

Now you can take your calls with your favorite pair of headphones. For example, I love my Sony Neckband (2003!), and now they are modernized, because they have a built-in microphone to take calls, without giving up their excellent sound.

Enjoy them a lot!