Introduction: Making Your Camera Into "military Nightvision", Adding Nightvision Effect, or Creating NightVision" Mode on Any Camera!!!

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The NightVision effect, is basically making the picture green and black. It can be done either directly from your camera, or by modifying pictures. Essentially, you will need :
If you want to edit a picture:
-Gimp, Artweaver, or another picture editing software. It doesn't need to cost you hundreds of $$$.
- a Picture to edit.

If you want to do it directly from your camera, you will need:
- Digital Camera
- Something to take a picture of.
- For setup, you need something very red... red as a Tomato

This Is my first Instructable, so keep that in mind, but don't go easy on critisism.

Step 1: Using Picture Editing Software...

I will be using "ArtWeaver" to do this.

1. Open your picture.
2. Select all your picture. ( ctrl+a)
3.Select "Colorize"
4. Set Hue to 125 ( it should be green)
5. Set Saturation to 100
6. You can either leave Lightness alone, or make it -20/-30 for a darker effect, or +30, it will look like nightvision taken during sunrise.

Step 2: Nightvision Directly From Camera:

To use Nightvision directly from your digital camera:
1. Turn on Camera
2. Select the Manual mode
3.go to white balance ( sometimes lighting)
4. go to custom
5. hold the red object in front of lense ( tomato!!! )
6. select " evaluate white balance" or something relevant.
7. When you point the camera, it should be green.

Step 3: Bonus!!!

If you are editing the picture, and you are having it so that its appears as if its being taken at dawn, and you want a "solar flare" or "lensflare" you can add it by:
1. opening picture editing software ( in my case, Artweaver)
2. uploading your image
3. filter/render/lensflare
4.Position the flare in the desired area.

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