Introduction: Adding Sound Reactive EL Wire to Your BoomBox

This Instructable will provide steps to help you add EL Wire to an existing project.
After building my BoomBox, I decided to light it with EL Wire.The EL Wire I mounted is connected to a Sound Controlled Inverter. These can be purchased HERE, I recommend this company as they are great to work with and very knowledgeable. The Wikipedia definition of EL Wire is located HERE.

If you follow the directions on my earlier Ka-Boom Box, this is an easy next step.
Here is the link for my Boom Box Instructable.

Step 1: Sound Reactive EL Wire

Tools Needed:
Drill and small drill bit
  • EL wire comes in different sizes so choose a bit that a hair wider than your wire size.

3 feet of EL Wire
  • If you shop around, you can get this pretty cheap. I use eBay and can score wire for as little as $.99.
Reactive Sound Module
  • You can purchase this device HERE.
4 AA batteries

  • To remove your speaker covers.
Tape or adhesive
  • To attach your sound module to the inside of your boom box

Let's Get Started:
  1. Remove the speaker covers
  2. Mark your holes close to the speakers just outside of where the speaker cover rests on the box. Mark two holes, one for entry and the other for the EL Wire to exit.
  3. Drill your four holes while making sure that you are not drilling into any of the speaker parts on the other side.
  4. Remove the little cap from the end of your EL wire.
  5. Starting from the inside, thread your wire out of the first hole.
  6. Re-attach the speaker cover to the speaker nearest the hole you just threaded.
  7. Now, wrap the EL Wire around the speaker cover twice and thread through the hole next to the one you threaded out of.
  8. The EL Wire should fit pretty snug on there but you can add a dab of glue to secure it. I wouldn't use too much and would actually wait until the wiring is all in place.
  9. The wire is now inside the boom box so thread it through the hole next to the other speaker and wrap twice again
  10. Poke the EL Wire through the last hole and it should now be inside the box.
  11. Pull tight but be sure not to damage your EL Wire.
  12. You should test it now.
  13. If it all works properly, you can then glue little dabs to secure the EL Wire.
  14. As you may have noticed, I damaged my first wire. Dang!
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